The Most Important Lesson

I believe this is the most important lesson you can ever learn. This is also priority number one in teaching your children if you also want them to be successful.

      • People will always have reasons why you shouldn’t do something, especially in business.

People are going to tell you it won’t work. They are going to come up with a million scary reasons why your idea is going to fail and why you shouldn’t even try. Your idea might fail but you can’t be afraid of failure. You have to factor that chance into your business plan. Hedge your investments, have savings, protect yourself legally, and dive in.

Those naysayers

are mostly subconsciously afraid that you will be successful and that they will not be. Misery loves company and those in the rat race don’t want you to get out.

Crabs in a bucket is a great metaphor for people trying to leave the rat race. A bucket of crabs that are about to be eaten will actually pull an escaping crab back into the bucket. Remember that when you decide to take the first step of starting a business.

Remember, live your life with purpose. Live each day with purpose and be positive.

Peace be with you


“Is Spain in Europe?”

“Is Spain in Europe?”

By: Quincy Daniels

Please calm yourself dear readers. There is a reason my title is in quotes. I did not ask that question. This is my personal anecdote to which I was witness on July 16, 2014. My story begins yesterday morning as I was browsing a local independent bookstore. I was searching a particular shelf located next to the Art History section. (The store is not arranged well at all.) Next to me were two women I had seen come in when I did. The party consisted of a young lady who was a High School Junior, Her Mother and her Aunt.

The Girl was looking at the Art History section with her Aunt and the lady mentioned something about a book having to do with Spain. I believe it was C√≥rdoba specifically. The girl indicated that she did not know what that was. The Aunt assured her that she would learn about it in Spanish III when the school year starts. The girl replied “Is Spain in Europe?” The Aunt seemed shocked to hear the question. “Yes it is in Europe!” The Aunt replied. “But Europeans speak English like us right?’ The girl asked. The Aunt was becoming visibly flustered and replied “Well think about it. What countries are in Europe?” Meaning she obviously wanted the girl to realize France obviously speaks French, Germany speaks German, etcetera. A look of horror appeared on the Aunt’s face when her niece could not name a single country in Europe. Visibly unable to process the ramifications of the geographical educational shortcomings of her Niece, her reply was “Well, you’ll learn all that in Geography.” Pointing out what I already knew about High Schools in my state, the girl answered “I already took Geography!” Meaning that she is done with Geography for the rest of her educational life, finished the course, passed the course, within the last year, and can not name a single country in Europe or any of the corresponding languages.

I was about to tell the Aunt that she would have to start over with her education but they quickly left the area and I had just found my book.


Strabo: Geography in Greek + English (SPQR Study Guides Book 46)