The Most Important Lesson

I believe this is the most important lesson you can ever learn. This is also priority number one in teaching your children if you also want them to be successful.

      • People will always have reasons why you shouldn’t do something, especially in business.

People are going to tell you it won’t work. They are going to come up with a million scary reasons why your idea is going to fail and why you shouldn’t even try. Your idea might fail but you can’t be afraid of failure. You have to factor that chance into your business plan. Hedge your investments, have savings, protect yourself legally, and dive in.

Those naysayers

are mostly subconsciously afraid that you will be successful and that they will not be. Misery loves company and those in the rat race don’t want you to get out.

Crabs in a bucket is a great metaphor for people trying to leave the rat race. A bucket of crabs that are about to be eaten will actually pull an escaping crab back into the bucket. Remember that when you decide to take the first step of starting a business.

Remember, live your life with purpose. Live each day with purpose and be positive.

Peace be with you