Why I Rescue Books

I was once a High School student. Not so long ago that I have grey hair but recent enough to have been witness to the beginning of the end of Western Civilisation.

That experience is best shared another day when I have finished writing my book. There is one experience that I will share today. Our school which was supposedly underfunded had a pretty magnificent library for its size and location. I thought so anyway. When I saw it Freshman year I was ecstatic. I would be able to supplement the abysmal excuse for an education I was receiving with private study. Little did I know we would never be allowed to use it or check out books. It was completely for show. Never during any school day were we allowed to use the Library and it was closed and locked before school, during lunch period, and after 2 p.m.

I never figured out why we employed a librarian.

Now that you know the story you can forgive me for sneaking in and borrowing books when no one was around.  You should forgive me anyway. Sadly no one missed any of them.

That experience gave me a new outlook on the availability of books.


I rescue books simply for the reason that they are being destroyed and never replaced. Yes it is happening. I started seeing it all over my area. I witnessed boxes full of books being dropped into dumpsters by local businesses and charities. I have encountered colleges and universities discarding books on important subjects never to be replaced. Even seminaries are guilty.

I have always loved books and believe it is a sin to ban or burn books. That is why I have decided to expand my efforts. I don’t know what this will become but I can feel that it will be great.

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Help Us Rescue Books

We have found several resources of books in our area that are currently being sold, destroyed, discarded, etc.
Help us rescue these books and find them a good home. Books that can be repaired without damaging historical value, collectible value, or functionality are repaired the best that our expertise allows.

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This is not a non-profit organization. This is a group of people who feel very passionately about keeping books out of incinerators, dumpsters, moldy basements, and ditches.

We are attempting to save this valuable knowledge for future generations

The Most Important Lesson

I believe this is the most important lesson you can ever learn. This is also priority number one in teaching your children if you also want them to be successful.

      • People will always have reasons why you shouldn’t do something, especially in business.

People are going to tell you it won’t work. They are going to come up with a million scary reasons why your idea is going to fail and why you shouldn’t even try. Your idea might fail but you can’t be afraid of failure. You have to factor that chance into your business plan. Hedge your investments, have savings, protect yourself legally, and dive in.

Those naysayers

are mostly subconsciously afraid that you will be successful and that they will not be. Misery loves company and those in the rat race don’t want you to get out.

Crabs in a bucket is a great metaphor for people trying to leave the rat race. A bucket of crabs that are about to be eaten will actually pull an escaping crab back into the bucket. Remember that when you decide to take the first step of starting a business.

Remember, live your life with purpose. Live each day with purpose and be positive.

Peace be with you

Deception In War by Jon Latimer

Stay tuned for a review. I can’t put it down.

Here it is if you can’t wait for the review.