Why I Rescue Books

I was once a High School student. Not so long ago that I have grey hair but recent enough to have been witness to the beginning of the end of Western Civilisation.

That experience is best shared another day when I have finished writing my book. There is one experience that I will share today. Our school which was supposedly underfunded had a pretty magnificent library for its size and location. I thought so anyway. When I saw it Freshman year I was ecstatic. I would be able to supplement the abysmal excuse for an education I was receiving with private study. Little did I know we would never be allowed to use it or check out books. It was completely for show. Never during any school day were we allowed to use the Library and it was closed and locked before school, during lunch period, and after 2 p.m.

I never figured out why we employed a librarian.

Now that you know the story you can forgive me for sneaking in and borrowing books when no one was around.  You should forgive me anyway. Sadly no one missed any of them.

That experience gave me a new outlook on the availability of books.


I rescue books simply for the reason that they are being destroyed and never replaced. Yes it is happening. I started seeing it all over my area. I witnessed boxes full of books being dropped into dumpsters by local businesses and charities. I have encountered colleges and universities discarding books on important subjects never to be replaced. Even seminaries are guilty.

I have always loved books and believe it is a sin to ban or burn books. That is why I have decided to expand my efforts. I don’t know what this will become but I can feel that it will be great.

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Constitution Day

Happy Constitution Day everyone. James Madison

The importance of this day surpasses almost any other. It is certainly more important that most of the most popular holidays.

I want all the parents out there to talk to you children tonight (or any night if you are reading this after today) about our Constitution. Not just in The United States. It is the duty of every citizen of every country that has a constitution to learn its history structure and content. Constitutions are the framework of government and help decide many of the most important issues of our lives.

Most constitutions, no matter how imperfect, ensure domestic tranquility. When they are followed the security of the nation and its people are upheld. Failure of a government to follow its own laws is one of the biggest problems of our day. It damages the citizenry’s respect for the law and de-legitimizes the government every time it happens.

I encourage everyone who reads this blog to read and have your children read not only the United States Constitution, but also a collection of letters called the Federalist Papers. The Federalist Papers were written by James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton to explain the new constitution and encourage its ratification by the several states. Most who complain about the clarity of our constitution are either deliberately acting in a disingenuous manner or are simply ignorant of the proper material. Beyond the obvious clarity of the United States Constitution, this collection of letters explains intent and historical context for almost every constitutional question. The Federalist Papers (Dover Thrift Editions)

Today I want everyone to be mindful and thankful for the genius and elegance that went in to the document. The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution for example protects what has been called the “laboratory of states”. Any power not specifically given to the Federal Government in the United States is left up to the States. They can exercise that authority or stay out of an issue completely. This has created great innovation because our citizens can vote with their feet. This means that local governments know that if they do not fully ensure the liberty of their citizens and stay out of the way of their prosperity they can leave and move to a more free area if they wish.
I also want to remind our readers of the difference between the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Many people think the Constitution is a list of twenty or so amendments. That is not so. The entire constitution lays out the structure and function of each branch of government and it does so beautifully. Many more people memorize the preamble at some point in their lives then never look at the body of the document.

Further Study on Constitutions:

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Essays in Anglo-Saxon Law

The Athenian Constitution (Penguin Classics)

15 Documents and Speeches That Built America (Unique Classics) (Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and Amendments, Articles of Confederation, Magna Carta, Gettysburg Address, Four Freedoms)

Happy Constitution Day and happy reading.