Basic Services of Government: Mail Edition

Between Objectivists and Libertarians on one side of the Spectrum and Communists on the other, the majority of the American people are o.k. with the government doing certain things and providing certain services. I hear over and over that the government should deliver the mail, secure the border, build roads and bridges, defend from attack with a military and various other nice sounding things like researching cures for diseases.

I can honestly say that as of July 3, 2014 the Government is completely failing across the board on every basic front. This raises the question: “How and why are we spending soooooo much money?”

The Government is not delivering the mail. Yes there are mail carriers out there right now carrying around mail. It isn’t getting to my house. Five out of five of my last packages were delivered to the wrong address. I have received several jury summonses for other addresses in the last six months. I receive mail addressed to someone else every single day. That is correct. I have a marker in my kitchen which I use every day to write wrong address and put it back in the box. Among those items I received were electric bills, Social Security checks, letters from prison, junk mail, and various unidentifiable envelopes. That isn’t including packages. Then there are stories like thesethese of which there are many. The USPS will tell you that they are not part of the Federal Government and that they are run like a business. I wish that was true. They are actually the worst combination of the two. They are run like a business that doesn’t have to make a profit because they really don’t. They don’t get “funding” they get “cash infusions” and “bailouts”. The other options are UPS and FEDEX which have to make a profit, thus we have the better service (most of the time) and success.

“Big Government England” Just privatised their mail service. They did it with much success. They gave shares of the newly privatised company to Royal Mail employees and sold off the rest of the shares. Now their mail service is accountable to customers and to the employees who actually now have a stake in the service’s success.



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